The 11th International Heavy Haul Association Conference will be held 21 - 24 June 2015 in Perth, Western Australia at the world class facilities of the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.
The first IHHA Conference was held in Perth in 1975 as a meeting of rail industry representatives from around the globe to seek advice to resolve heavy haul issues producers were experiencing. As these issues were not isolated to the Pilbara region of Australia, the group formed the IHHA to allow transfer of knowledge and support the ongoing development of rail professionals. Since that time the IHHA Conference has grown to become the international heavy haul event on the rail industry calendar.

The theme of the 2015 conference is Operational Excellence, and will focus on the exchange of information to benefit the world’s heavy haul operations with emphasis on technical advancement, innovation, development, management and maintenance of operations.

A primary aim of the Conference is to share knowledge and experiences among railway researchers, practitioners and decision makers worldwide. The program is formed through a Call for Papers and authors of accepted papers are required to submit a full paper that undergoes a rigorous peer review process. It is this peer review process and quality control that has set the IHHA Conference as a global leader for knowledge sharing.

We look forward to seeing you in Perth, June 2015!